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Diane’s programs are fun, interactive and practical.  She uses pre-meeting interviews and surveys, lecture, demonstration, role-playing, hands-on exercises and the audience favorite, story-telling, to create a content-rich and rewarding experience for attendees. Book your event today!

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New! Question Everything: The Power of Asking Questions

In this interactive keynote, participants will discover the power of asking questions that reveal assumptions and lack of clarity in order to avoid disaster and shape the future.

Speak with Confidence! Presentation Skills Workshops

Speak with confidence! No matter the subject, you can capture your audience’s attention and keep them engaged, creating presentations that are remembered and acted upon!

Get Real! Real Conversation, Real Connection, Real Collaboration

Encourage collaboration that leads to innovation. This interactive seminar engages participants in the art and science of conversation–the foundation for connection and collaboration.

Networking Tips for Effective Engagement

Improving your people skills doesn’t have to be boring. Using reverse psychology, Diane will reveal some of the worst networking techniques before wrapping up with practical ways you can effectively engage people and build business relationships.

The 4 E’s of an Excellent Leader

Connect using high expectations, encouragement, empathy and empowerment.

StorySELLing: Strategic Storytelling

Storyteling isn’t just for kids; it’s for sales leaders, too!  Strategic storytelling in sales is a proven way to build trust, boost buy-in and maximize memory to captivate, connect and convince. Facts tell, but stories sell!