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Executive Presentation Coach

It Doesn’t Matter Where You Live, Diane Can Work With You!

Individual presentation coaching or group presentation training available!

Do you have a team that needs presentation training? Does your sales team need a boost in sales confidence? Diane also does group presentation training!

Speak with Confidence! Presentation Skills Workshops (click for more info)

Best Buy TalkDo you want to:

  • MANAGE the fear of public speaking?
  • Increase self CONFIDENCE?
  • Learn EFFECTIVE communication?
  • Melt the “plastic person” and become AUTHENTIC?
  • Learn how to PRACTICE your speech without having to memorize it all?
  • Transform your IDEAS into speeches quickly?
  • Discover powerful speech STRUCTURES?
  • Learn time-tested RHETORICAL DEVICES to create memorable phrases?
  • “Find the Funny” and effectively use HUMOR?
  • Develop DYNAMIC Openings and closings?
  • Create engaging STORIES that will keep an audience hanging on your every word?
  • Learn key presentation SKILLS and DELIVERY techniques?

Confident communication can propel you to success in your career!

Learn how to improve communication at work with communication training.

Diane can work with you or via phone, Skype, email, video review and more. You can work on general communication skills or on preparation for a specific presentation.

Contact Diane to schedule a free phone consultation.