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Elevator Speech Alternative

Does anybody really like giving an elevator speech?  They are cumbersome to memorize. They don’t sound conversational. They make me want to puke!  I don’t like giving or receiving them.

Because people don’t like giving an elevator speech in one-on-one conversation, all too often, they go to the other extreme. When asked the question “What do you do?” they answer with a boring description of their job title.  Yawn.

Would you like an elevator speech alternative, a short, benefit-focused statement that leaves your conversation partner leaning forward, asking for more?

Try a bumper sticker statement!  A bumper sticker statement is one sentence that briefly states what you do and what benefit you bring.

The Bumper Sticker - An Elevator Speech Alternative

Bumper Sticker Statement Definition


Here’s a bumper sticker statement I might use:

Bumper Sticker Statement long example


If I want something shorter and more intriguing, I might use a tag line alternative:

Bumper Sticker statement tag line

The video (3:46) explains how to craft your bumper sticker!

Try Your Elevator Speech Alternative: The Bumper Sticker!


If you are in a formal networking situation, in which people have 45-60 seconds to give an elevator speech in a group setting, you can expand on your bumper sticker (this is also useful to use in conversation, if the person asks for more details).  I’ve called whomever you do work for your “customer.”  Even if you aren’t in sales you can consider your work as benefiting a “customer.”:

I help:  _______________________________________________ (your “customer”)

with _________________________________________________ (problem you solve, benefit-focused)

When they work with me they  _______________________________ (how do you make your “customer’s” life better?

This results in:  __________________________________________ (positive outcomes)

Your Name

Your Company

Your Tagline

If you are talking with someone one-on-one, this format, which is fine for a short “commercial” at a networking event, will sound stilted.  Better to ditch the pitch and just use the elevator speech alternative, the “bumper sticker” in conversation!

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